St Germain, Nesta x Rea

Friday, July 13th, 2018 - Zouk Mikael, Lebanon - Zouk Mikael International festival and Fantôme de Nuit have teamed up for the first time to bring The Lost Empire of the Sun, an immersive concert taking place in the Zouk Mikael Roman styled amphitheater.
It is the perfect getaway for music lovers who prefer to “experience” live music and interact with artists in a beautiful setting.
The highlight of the evening will be a live performance by St Germain, a world-renowned band known for their unique style combining house and Nu Jazz music, followed by a DJ set by Nesta (founder of Fantôme de Nuit Records) and Rea (Fantôme de Nuit Records).

“A respected and undisputed master of electronic music for the past two decades, pioneer of the “French Touch” and creator of intelligent, sensual and original deep house music, St Germain has always been known for his uncanny ability to subtly blend machines and instruments, authentic roots and modern influences.”   

Zouk Mikael International Festival has been home to big international and local acts since 2003. It has attracted audiences from all over the country and abroad whilst preserving its intimate atmosphere.

Overlooking the beautiful Mediterranean, the venue provides a unique sound experience due to its architecture. For the first time this year, the festival welcomes a modern electronic act.

Fantôme de Nuit is a Beirut based independent Record Label, Artist Collective, Party Brand & Podcast run by Nesta, focusing on delivering cutting-edge electronic music and promoting local and international talents. Running a series of thought after and awaited gatherings over the past years, the label has built a big name for itself in the electronic scene.

This year, with The Lost Empire of the Sun, Zouk Mikael International Festival and Fantôme de Nuit aim to bring storytelling into the world of festivals in Lebanon by mixing music, theatre, food and mixology, with a promise of fantasy, magic and dreams.

For one day only, the Empire rises and lets in only a few fortunate ones to discover its cult. Its inhabitants live for music and beauty, they whisper tales about the golden sun.

A tailored emotional journey that will take the audience on a unique adventure.